Our Work

The Cabela Family Foundation is proud to support numerous projects and organizations throughout the world.


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Dick and Mary Sustainable Use Area

The Dick and Mary Cabela Sustainable Use Area, located at the 2,700-acre Boy Scouts of America Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, allows scouts to learn fundamental outdoor recreation and wildlife conservation skills.


twenty four lions

On August 5, 2018, the largest movement of wild lions across an international boundary in history occurred as Twenty Four Lions were re-introduced to a 2.5 million-acre habitat in the Zambeze Delta of Mozambique. The environment, once decimated by civil war and poaching, has benefited from 24 years of dedication to sound conservation practices. However, in spite of these efforts, the lion population has struggled to recover. Lions have become extinct in 26 African countries. Twenty Four Lions is determined to make sure that Mozambique doesn’t join that list.


award for conservation excellence

The Award for Conservation Excellence honors men and women who share a passion to conserve the great outdoors and who have made extraordinary contributions to the sustainability of nature and wildlife. The award recognizes a legacy of conservation by acknowledging a conservationist’s long-term commitment to improving the planet and empowering people to advance wildlife conservation in both local and international communities.